5 Epic Places We Want To Picnic

This is a list of our top 5 places to picnic. Imagine being able to tuck into your favourite picnic snack and marvel at the overwhelming beauty of these locations...



5. Rooftop in New York

As you can see we haven't completely fleshed out the logistics....but if you could get on to a rooftop with a cracking view of New York, imagine the food you could pick up on the way! Bagels Quaffee (...Coffee) & OJ (...Orange Juice) YUMMY!

4. Beach in the Med (with view of Turtles of course!)


View of turtles would be a must...not to sure how we can arrange that. Maybe theres a Turtle pied piper tab for the guitar. If not the the white sand, blue see and a hamper full of fresh Mojito ingredients would suffice. 


3. On Safari with a view of Kilimanjaro


We might need to mute the guitar playing slightly in this one... as to not wake the tigers, lions and wildebeests etc....they might nick the 'sarnys'...But this will definitely be compensated with the view!


2. On a Platform on the Grand Canyon


Again, may be another logistical challenge...but after you have scaled this boulder with guitar, picnic hampers and well dressed attire intact. I think you would definitely feel a sense of achievement and your pre-cooked pasties would be well deserved. Where theres a will theres a way....right?


1. Watching the Northern Lights


This is a classic! Would be without a doubt one the best night time alfresco dining experiences EVER! Hot chocolate, cold bubbly and maybe some slow psychedelic guitar solos...get practicing Mrs Von Trapp!


What would be your dream picnic locations?












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