Top 5 Picnic Essentials

Check out our list of our top 5 Picnic Essentials...From the classic things you don't want to forget, to some hints and tips that you may not have thought about. 

1. S T R A W B E R R I E S


Strawberries. “ I could have a picnic without strawberries i hear some of you say”, but they are such a useful addition to your picnic. And here are some reasons why;
Got little ones at your picnic - these healthy, delicious fruity snack are a great offering for them.

Pimp up your fizz with a delicious Strawb! 
Bringing cake to the picnic… well what better addition for those with that sweet tooth. 
Cheese 'oh yeah' you can’t call it a picnic without some cheddar delight, strawberries are a great mix up to your cheese compliments like pickles and chutneys. 
"So don’t forget these little blush beauties on your next picnic we promise there won’t be any left! "

2. C H E E S E

Cheese, well come on there was little chance you were going to miss this off your list! There are so many amazing cheeses out there, whether your in your local supermarket or farm shop, the selection is broad and we really don’t think you can go wrong with your choices. You can cut that cheese into sticks or bite size portions to snack on for the duration of your picnic, or hand them out to the little ones for a calcium filled snack! What we love about cheese is that you can literally be grazing on it from the moment that picnic blanket gets laid out, or why not make up your own cheese board, with pickles, apple and grapes the lot, to finish off your al’fresco meal! 


3. O L I V E S 

Olive, We Olive you! What would we do without these salty, well seasoned, snack! Ok, we get that some of you may be avoiding these babies like the plague but if your going on a big picnic we guarantee someone there is a lover of Olives. Surprisingly so many kids like them too, you can grab vacuum packed olives from supermarkets now which are perfect for picnics because they don’t contain any or very little liquid so they limit the mess! Grab some cocktail sticks to save double dipping fingers anyway! 

4. I C E C U B E   B A G S

Ice Cube Bags… you know, the type that you run under the tap and they self seal! Well these beauties are a dream for a picnic. They are great once frozen to pop in your cool bag with your yummy snacks that go that little bit less appealing in the warm sunshine like yogurt & humous and things. Not only do they keep that stuff nice and chilled but you can use the ice for your drinks too, White wine a tad too warm, apple juice not quite as refreshing as you had hoped well pop a few cubes of ice in and your sorted! Great for cooling little ones down too by making their drinks a lot cooler! 

5. F L A P J A C K S

Flapjack, what a selection of these amazing energy packed snacks are available for you to get your hands on today. So easy to make yourself and even easier to buy from your local supermarket. You can jam pack these magic wonders with all sorts from fruits to nuts and even additional devilish chocolate, because why the hell wouldn’t you! What we love about Flapjacks is they are such an all rounder for everyone from Grandparents to little ones, and if you are making your own why not grab some gluten free oats to help those with dietary requirements so their not feeling too left out from the sweet treats! Remember those wet wipes for icky fingers and sticky chops.












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